Coco Smart Switch Boxes

You can download the manual that will help you step-by-step to configure your switch box, the App and to start using it.
Yes, we are open to customization. Do email us at info@cocosmart.in or call us before making the payment so that we can incorporate the changes you want and can let you know the additional charges.
Yes, it works with Alexa
Yes, indeed you can. You can then have the app on your phone as well to monitor their devices.
You can operate Coco Smart Switch Boxes from anywhere in the world using wifi. Your switch box must be connected to a power supply for it to operate.
No, once the power supply is back on, your box will be back to the state it was in.
When you wish to reset your wifi settings.
Always check what kind of plug goes with your device. For heavier devices you will need a 12 Amp Plug instead of a regular 5 Amp plug.
Yes, voltage fluctuations affect all electronic devices just like your ACs or Fridge etc. You can get additional surge protect at an additional cost inbuilt into your Coco Smart Switch Box.