July 5, 2018

What are Smart Switch Boards?

Smart Switch Boards as the name suggests are extension boxes with 1, 2 or more sockets. You can connect them to your power supply and then plug in devices in the sockets to make them smart. The term smart means that you can now control your devices using the Smart App on your smartphone. Coco Smart Homes offers high quality Coco Smart Switch Boards in 1-socket, 2-socket and 4-socket configurations.

Benefits of using Smart Switch Boards

  1. Convenience: You can operate your devices sitting on your bed, in another room, even sitting in your office or in another country. This is very convenient and easy.
  2. Saves Electricity: Have you ever had your child leave the air conditioner or TV on for hours when not in use? Or that your geyser stays on daily for many more minutes than you would want it to? Using a smart switch board lets you schedule exactly how long your device will stay on. You can also schedule the day, date and time when it should turn on and then off. Isn’t that really wonderful and saves water too.
  3. Control and Monitor: You can control and connect all the devices of your home through these smart switch boards and operate them using one Smart App.
  4. Easy to use: The smart switch boards are very simple to use and require no expertise. Just plug the smart switch board to your power supply and connect your devices to the plug. Then download the Smart App and configure wifi. Use your smart app to operate your devices through the phone.
  5. Multiple uses: You can use smart switch boards in your homes, offices, farm houses etc. In short, wherever you have devices, a smart switch board can make your work easy. If you want a particular signboard to switch off automatically at night at a given time, use a smart switch board for it.

So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution in making your home smart and your life easy. Buy our good looking, high quality Coco Smart Switch Boards in 3 configurations made with high-quality parts for your home today and make your home smart.

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