July 5, 2018

Welcome to Coco Smart Homes

Coco Smart Homes is the proud initiative of my husband, Gurdev Parmar, an IITian who is extremely nifty with everything electrical, electronics, plumbing and carpentry along with being a solid techie who has done a number of innovations around our home and I, Rachna Parmar, an MBA in Marketing who is an Editor, Content Marketer and Influencer. We also work with a small team of freelancers to build our quality products and market them. What started out as something around our home has taken on exciting dimensions with a bouquet of home automation product offerings.

Why do you need Home Automation?

How many times have you worried about leaving an appliance on when you were out of home? I know, I used to. Didn’t you wish that you could have switched on that AC so that your room was comfortably cooled when you got home from work? How about switching off all the lights and fans around your home right from your bed. Or switching your geyser or pumps on and off at the same time everyday? Great, isn’t it? Home automation is an exciting new field that makes our lives easier. The products are reasonably priced and give you an unparalleled peace of mind and comfort, not to mention save time and money too.

What do Coco Smart Switch Boards Do?

1 socket Coco Smart Switch Board

Coco Smart home switch boards convert any device or plug point into a smart plug point. All you require is to buy our handy Coco Smart Switch Boards that currently retail in 1-socket, 2-socket and 4-socket configurations. Buy them and use them anywhere in your house. Connect the Coco Switch Board to your power supply, just like you would with an extension board. Plug in your appliance to the Board and download Coco Smart App on your Android Phone. Please note that we are working on the iOS App just now. Configure the App in easy steps and you are good to go. Operate any device connected with Coco Smart Switch Boards using your App from anywhere. Isn’t it really easy?

2 socket Coco Smart Switch Board

What’s better is that every Coco Smart Home Automation Solution that you buy can be operated from one single App.

We have so many exciting new options on the anvil that I can’t wait to share with you.

To read more about our products and understand them, do watch our videos on our website, www.cocosmart.in.

You can order our products on Flipkart and Amazon. You can also email us at info@cocosmart.in for any customized solutions that you are looking for and we can help.

So go on, make your homes smarter and your lives easier.

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