July 5, 2018

Uses of Smart Switch Boxes | Home Automation

Smart Switch Boxes are a nifty new innovation that make life so much simpler for all of us. As an IoT product they help you to connect your appliances to the internet and control them using an App. So much easier and less stressful. At Coco Smart Homes, we have come up with very reasonably priced smart switch boxes that can be put to multiple uses and are very affordable.

Uses of Smart Switch Boxes:

  1. Make Your Electrical Device Smart: Whether it is your Air conditioner or geyser, water pump or charging of your phone, switching your lights on or off, smart switch boxes help make your device smart by helping you to operate them through your mobile App.
  2. Operate your electrical appliances from anywhere: Imagine that you are away on vacation. You can turn the lights at your home on and off daily at a prescheduled time daily. In case, you forgot to turn off any device, no worry. You can see on your App which appliances are on and turn them off and vice versa.
  3. Schedule your electrical appliances from anywhere: Isn’t it wonderful that you can be sitting in another city or country and can schedule the turning on and off of any device in your home through your App. This has great benefits as you can help run devices in your old parents’ home sitting in another city.
  4. Save money: You can save tremendous amounts of money by stopping waste of electricity. Your electricity bills can come down because your air conditioners and geysers no longer need to keep running uselessly.
  5. Save electricity: As we struggle with a power shortage, it helps to do our bit in not wasting any electricity by using smart switch boxes. You can charge your mobile only for the right time and the same applies to any device you charge. You can run your appliances for the time needed and no more. And you can ensure that all appliances in your home are off when you are not at home.
  6. Easy control: Many smart switch boxes like our own can be voice operated using Alexa Home. That makes it so easy to now operate your devices with just your voice.

We at Coco Smart Homes offer 1-socket, 2-socket and 4-socket smart switch boxes that you can plug into your power supply and then attach any device to it to make it smart.

Do feel free to ask any queries in the comments. You can buy the switch boxes here: http://cocosmart.in/index.php/purchase-links/

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